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Softpack Microsystems Pte Ltd


Established in Singapore in 1986.

Singapore’s PC industry flourished in 1986, with the emergence of affordable personal computers in the market. Many small-and-medium-sized enterprises were eager to tap into this new phenomenon in order to boost their efficiency, productivity and competitiveness through the automation that the PC provided.

However, they lacked the know-how to make the PCs relevant to their businesses. Back then, there were few software that could cater to the needs of those SMEs.  Other than spreadsheets and word-processing software, there was little else that those companies could use to fully integrate their processes and administration.


Softpack was formed to produce solutions that could fill in the gaps in the industry. And in the 25 years since Softpack was founded, we have helped many companies to become successful through our custom programmes – a number of them have subsequently become public listed companies.


We are proud to be part of their success. Let us become part of yours.